Keep your gear more organized with the Stasdock 'Hang-On'. The 'Hang-On' addition for Stasdock bike mounts is a simple attachment, complete with four hooks perfect for hanging your larger items.

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Make Your bike wall mount Complete With the Stasdock 'Hang-On'

Your Stasdock is perfect for keeping your biking gear organized. But when you're
serious about riding, sometimes space can seem limited. With the 'Hang-On' addition
for Stasdock bike racks, you'll have even more space to store your riding essentials. With an extra four sturdy hooks, this Stasdock add-on is the perfect space to keep your cycling jacket, gloves, hats, shorts and more with the rest of your gear. Browse the Stasdock 'Hang-On', along with our bike rack accessories, today.

The 'Hang-On' add-on for Stasdock bike racks attaches to the bottom of your setup in minutes. Made from sustainable steel in Holland, this Stasdock add-on will retain its functionality and durability throughout the years. Choose a Stasdock 'Hang-On' That Matches Your Setup. The Stasdock 'Hang-On' is available in the same fantastic colors as your Stasdock, so you can maintain the aesthetic and style you already know and love from your bike rack.