2020 in with Stasdock

2020 in with Stasdock: a clean sheet for you and a clean sheet for your home!

First January is over now and we're curious how your intentions are going? We like to start the new year with a tidy house and more hours on our road bike. However, these are two things which both need time. And if you're going to invest time, you would prefer a sustainable outcome which really leaves you with something.


bikedock bike hanging system


Time and space

Of course, you prefer to clean up your house as little as possible, and if you do it, it should be kept tidy for as long as possible. And the moments when we choose to get on the road bike should be as accessible as possible, too. In short: we would like to waste as little time as possible with the most profitable result for ourselves.

Well, is this beautiful racing bike still standing in the storage room? Or do those dreams about buying a road bike fall apart every year because of lack of space?


In 2020 you'll hang your road bike on the wall

At Stasdock, we don't think the lack of time and space for these issues are really up to date. The fault has led us to the solution: a compact, durable and design road bike suspension system. And no, this isn't a clumsy, large and expensive suspension system, because they do already exist!

In 2020 an affordable design is requested, with durable materials and compact in use. Finally, you would like to have the opportunity to jump on your road bike in your small apartment. Stasdock has a road bike suspension system that you can benefit from for a long time!

Tidy and neat

The result of the road bike suspension system is therefore a tidy house and an athletic start to the year. Stasdock not only offers you a sporty start to the year with the road bike suspension system, but makes your intentions for 2020 more sustainable, as well. You can automatically save time by organizing your space smartly. So that's two intentions in one fell swoop. Add to this the affordability, sustainable materials. compact intake and sleek design (because it's something different than a painting on the wall, don't you think?).

Stasdock offers you a clean sheet for your health and a clean sheet for your home in 2020!