Create extra living space

Not seeing your garden any more through the bicycles, a common problem in homes where everyone has their own bicycle (s). The entire garden or shed is crowded and this isn't really great for your view or the space in your shed. This problem may just be a thing of the past! Stasdock offers the ultimate life hack: hanging your road bike on the wall with a handy suspension system. That may sound strange at first, but it's a better idea than you think. Read in this blog the reason for enthusiasm, allowing you to make your garden a garden again today instead of a refined guarded bicycle shed.



Create extra living space

People who don't have a garden or shed and still would like to store their bicycle in a safe place often place their bicycle in, for example, the hall, so that it would be the least in the way. Even if this is "only" the hall, it will cost you necessarily some living space. If you choose to hang your road bike on your wall, it will cost (almost) no living space! An average person doesn't walk over or close to the wall. It's different but just an empty surface that you do nothing with, except hang up some decoration. What a shame, isn't it? You can use a wall so much better. Thanks to a Stasdock wall bracket for road bikes, for example. This way you guarantee that no valuable living space is lost due to your bicycle wanders through your house in an inconvenient place.


No more searching for your keys

The road bike wall bracket from Stasdock comes together with a handy storage place for accessories such as your keys, helmet or cycling shoes. This way you'll always have this in a fixed place and you no longer have to search endlessly for these things before you can finally start cycling. Perfect for the slobs among us. Everyone wants everything you need in one place, that's the thing everyone wants?


Something different than a painting or photo

Nowadays, every household has the same black and white canvas photo with a yellow taxi or another original print on the wall. Break out of that bubble and go for something completely different, a racing bike on the wall. A real eye-catcher for your interior and all your visitors will immediately see what an athletic guy or lady you are. Isn't that what you want? Furthermore, you have an excuse not to hang the paintings that your mother-in-law gives you well-meaning every year, as well. Our wall mount for your road bike has a modern and sleek look, and is available in different colors. There is always a racing bike suspension system that fits well in your interior, too! 


No pressure to grab your bike quickly

 If you would like to jump on your bike quickly, but it's packed between five other bicycles in the shed, the threshold for actually cycling is very high. If you hang a wall bracket for your Stasdock road bike in your home, you can access it much easier and faster and you'll probably grab the bike more often. The environment and your condition will thank you for that! Finally, a Stasdock wall bracket for your road bike is therefore good for your health, as well. What is holding you back?