Awesome routes in Amsterdam!

Sustainable spring break & 4 x cycling routes around Amsterdam!

Waiting only another month until spring will start with a chance of a sunny, warm road bike season. That means: being able to get back on your racing bike spontaneously! Are you not yet in possession of a road bike? Then now this is the perfect time in order to believe it. We would like to give you some inspiration to really buy (or jump on) that road bike.


Contributing to a cleaner world, having fun and enjoying health in return sounds like music to your ears, don't you think so? And in this case, it doesn't sound any better than it is either, because this is exactly what you get with a road bike.

On Sunday, grab that road bike from the wall instead of getting in the car to another place, family or friends. Because indeed: by using bicycles you don't emit CO2 and unfortunately by using an ordinary car you do. And if you would like to travel a longer distance or if the weather suddenly turns out, you can always take the train by bicycle. That is very fun to do, as well, because you can cycle home from new places and discover new routes. We  give you a few nice cycling routes in the blog, too.

We probably don't have to explain to you that road bikes are really healthy for you and an excellent time to get in touch with friends or family. If you see it this way, it's a win-win situation in terms of everything relevant in life: sustainability, health and pleasure.

No lack of space, but design!

The compact bike wall mount guarantees that your road bike isn't in the way of cycling. No stumbling and bumping around the bike in the hallway or lugging out the shed or storage. These are barriers which we take away from you, because we are convinced that everyone should be able to jump on their racing bike easily, even in a small apartment in the city.

Our bike wall mount is made of durable materials with a glossy design. It doesn't only provides space for your road bike, but for your helmet, keys and shoes, as well. Just on the wall. This is something different than a painting, isn't it?

5 x routes in and around the city of Amsterdam which you shouldn't miss.

With all tramways, public transport and cyclists it's difficult to do a good tour in the city, which is the reason why we're happy to give you 5 great routes, from beginners to advanced, with a stopover tip.

1.Tour Vecht from Weesp (Beginner)

  • Distance: 60 kilometers

  • Difficulty: ***
  • Stopover tip: Bar Bistro Paolo's in Loenen aan de Vecht

    On the east side of Amsterdam there are beautiful, tightly paved roads for (the newcomer) cyclist. Go through Diemen or IJburg to Weesp in order to cycle from there along the Vecht. During the route you look out on the stately VOC houses which were used as a country retreat by wealthy Amsterdammers in the Golden Age.

    Image: Cristina Garcia Martin - Rondje Vecht from Weesp

    2. De Ronde Hoep (beginner)

    • Distance: 40 kilometers

    • Difficulty: **
    • Stopover tip: tHuis aan de Amstel, Amsterdam

      Perhaps the most famous route for the Amsterdam cyclist. Anyone who has never ridden here shouldn't call himself a cyclist. Doing endurance training it is a bit more difficult here due to the short distance, but the Ronde Hoep lends itself perfectly for a weekday evening.

      Image: Cristina Garcia Martin - de Ronde Hoep.

      3. Vinkeveense Plassen (uitbreiding op de Ronde Hoep).

      This route is an extension of the Ronde Hoep. If it suits you, turn left at the restaurant "De Voetangel" towards Abcoude. At the next crossing, turn right and then you'll cycle a very fine stretch of stretch next to the A2. At Vinkeveen you turn right again. You then cycle right through the Vinkeveense Plassen: the perfect place for a sprint! Finally you'll return to the Ronde Hoep.

      • Kopje van Bloemendaal (Advanced)

      • Distance: 70 kilometers
      • Difficulty: ****
      • Stopover: Beach tent Tijn Akersloot, Zandvoort

      If you now have got a lot of miles in your feet and you feel like doing a challenge, this is an ideal route for you, with a considerable climb in it. We're going to the beach. Advantageous now that there is more visibility during sunny weather. It's advisable going to Haarlem by bicycle (by train or car)  in order to avoid the city.

      On this route, the gradient briefly rises up to seven percent, but then levels off quickly. You make a stop on the beach at Tijn Akersloot. A great route for the weekend, even if we do say so ourselves.

      Image: Cristina Garcia Martin - Kopje van Bloemendaal.

      In short: enough reason, routes and space in order to devour miles on your road bike this spring.