9 Different Types of Bikes

Picking the best bike to suit your needs can be a tricky task. Once you start the search, it turns out it's not that simple after all. There are so many different categories and different types of bikes to choose from. Although this great diversity will certainly mean that there is a bike for everyone's requirements, it can also mean that you lose the overview completely. In this article, we will guide you through all the different types of bikes there are.

What Are the Different Types of Bikes?

Here are 9 types of bicycles:

  • Road bike
  • Mountain bike
  • Touring bike
  • Fixed gear
  • BMX
  • Hybrid/Commuter bike
  • Cyclocross bike
  • Electric bike
  • Folding bikes

Below is a detailed list with descriptions of the types and styles of bicycles

Road bike

road bike types of bicycles

Road bikes are best identified by their drop or turn-downed handlebars and thin tires. The downward-curved handlebars are usually ultra-lightweight and help you stay in an aerodynamic position. 

The lightweight frame makes this type of bicycle particularly suitable for a variety of road uses, including racing, traveling, fitness, long-distance riding, and daily commuting. The large and thin tires allow you to easily glide on different terrains with zero to a little force.  

If you are particularly concerned about speed, multiple choices of hands and riding positions, and effective transmission of energy to propel the bike forward, then road bikes will be your best choice.

We distinguish three different types of road bikes:

  • Endurance: The most suitable road bike for cyclists. The sitting posture of endurance road bikes is usually straighter, so you will feel more comfortable. Usually, they have slightly wider tires and various gears. Sometimes equipped with special frame technology to absorb vibration.
  • Aero: These bicycles are made of specially shaped frame tubes and equipped with high wheels, which have high aerodynamics. Designed for racing or time trials because they usually have a deep aerodynamic attitude. The focus is on speed rather than comfort.
  • Super light: Designed for long-lasting climbing in the mountains by eliminating unnecessary weight and using the lightest materials.


Mountain bike

mountain bike styles of bicycles

This bike is designed with an excellent braking system and shock absorption, which can easily deal with severe bumps, rocks, dirt trails, roots, and ruts. Mountain bikes are used to deal with steeper terrain, which is why, compared to most other road vehicles, mountain bikes are mostly composed of low gears.

They usually have multi-section tires that are 26 inches or 29 inches wide, which makes them perform well in obstacles and loose dirt. They also include sturdy components and frames, flat handlebars, and suspension to help cyclists navigate in mountainous areas.

We distinguish four different types of mountain bikes:

  • Hardtail: in other words, there is no rear suspension. Nonetheless, there will always be front suspension. The ''cheaper'' mountain bikes are almost always hardtails.
  • Full suspension XC: The abbreviation XC stands for cross-country racing, which means that the track is fast and technical, without too many jumps and loose ground, and the front and rear suspension distances of these bicycles are short (110mm or less). This reduces weight and increases efficiency, especially during climbing.
  • Full-Suspension Trail: The bikes are characterized by a suspension of between 120 and 150 mm, which still allows efficient climbing, while the somewhat rougher descents should not be a problem either. The tires are slightly wider than on the XC bikes and the discs of the brakes are larger in order to provide more powerful braking. Some models have a "Plus" option: this allows you to swap the standard 29-inch wheels for 27.5-inch wheels with tires wider than 3 inches.
  • Full-Suspension Enduro: With 160mm or more of suspension travel (for the rear suspension), powerful brakes, and strong, solid tires, these bikes offer maximum control when descending. Especially in steep and technical terrain such as high mountains.


Touring bike

touring bike types of bicycles

These bikes are almost similar to traditional road bikes, but with some adjustments and changes to make them the best bikes for long-distance trips. The touring bike has multiple attaching points, you can use them to attach fenders, pumps, lights, racks, water bottles, etc. They also contain ultra-sturdy frames, allowing them to carry heavy loads on the front and rear frames.

You must have noticed that in many touring bikes, the wheelbase is longer, and due to its lower center of gravity, the wheelbase is specially designed to provide the rider with more control. Most touring bicycles also include disc brakes, which can provide them with enhanced braking power, especially on unpaved roads. The main feature of touring bicycles is wide tires or semi-control tires, specially designed to handle gravel roads.

A touring bike is the ideal bike for cycling vacations. Looking for the most beautiful cycling destinations in Europe? See our previous blog.


Fixed gear

fixie styles of bicycles

Fixed gear or tracked bicycles are often referred to as "fixies" and are mainly used for racers and athletes trained in professional competitions. The main reason for this is that, as the name suggests, these bicycles contain a single fixed gear, which means you can’t coast or freewheel on this type of bicycle. This means that the cyclist or rider using this bicycle must use the strength of his legs to prevent the crank of the bicycle from rotating and further stop its movement. 

Fixed gear bicycles may contain multiple brakes and different styles of handlebars, and usually require the cyclist to rotate the legs in a constant number of turns to achieve a higher rhythm.



BMX types of bicycles

BMX is the acronym for "Bicycle Motor Cross", mainly because this type of bicycle is a single-speed bicycle that races on a short muddy trail, which is very similar to motorsports. The acronym is also often used to describe any bicycle with single speed and 20-inch wheels.

BMX bicycles are very suitable for those who plan to perform tricks and jumps with bicycles, because they are specially made for this purpose, with a durable design and structure. They consist of a small frame, a single gear and 20-inch wheels, which means that they are not only sturdy but also low-maintenance compared to ordinary bicycles.


Hybrid/Commuter bike

hybrid types of bikes

It is best to describe hybrid bicycles as a mixed design of road, mountain, and touring bicycles, making them more like an "all-round" bicycle that can meet a wide range of uses.

These bikes are usually combined with large road bike-sized rims to make them perform well on paved roads and smooth dirt. They also have horizontal bars and head-up driving devices to ensure better vision and comfort when riding. They may often include disc brakes to provide quick response and impressive braking, especially when riding in turbulent weather conditions.

Many hybrid bicycles that are considered commuter-friendly include fenders, racks, and lighting systems. However, it should be noted that no two hybrid bicycles are exactly the same, so you must choose one according to your requirements and the type of riding you are planning to do.


Cyclocross bike

cyclocross kinds of bikes

The main design purpose of off-road motorcycles is to race on a muddy trail, which consists of different obstacles and obstacles placed at various intervals. The purpose behind these obstacles is that the rider or cyclist must get off the bike during the ride and carry the bike in different short periods.

Cyclocross bikes are super lightweight but strong and durable enough to cope with fierce cross-country cycling competitions. Cyclists often taking laps on pavements, grass, and mud trails. Most cyclocross bikes have semi-controlled tires to ensure that the bike can cope with any given terrain challenge.


Electric bike

electric types of bikes

These bicycles include electric motors, which you can charge by plugging them into regular electrical outlets. When you peddle, electric motors will help so that you can drive faster and make hillsides easier. There are many types of electric bicycles, including mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes (for commuting)


Folding bikes

folding kinds of bikes

Folding bicycles are considered excellent travel companions and are excellent types of bicycles to choose. As the name suggests, they fold up super easily and smoothly, allowing them to be easily mounted on ships, car trunks, or subways. They can even be folded and packed in a bag, which is very convenient for commuters with limited storage space at home or elsewhere.

Some of the main features of folding bikes include smaller wheels, most wheels are 20 inches, which makes it easy for the bike to overcome bumps and potholes, thus providing you with a smooth riding experience.

Another important function is that they have adjustable functions on the folding frame, handlebars, and saddle, all of which make the folding process easier. Many cars are also equipped with adjustable latches to help the bicycle fold easily.

The folding bike is the only bike where the Stasdock Bike Wall Mount isn't essentially needed, due to its size.

Now that you have learned about the different kinds of bicycles available, your decision will be much easier going forward.