The compact bicycle suspension system Stasdock

Posted on April 30, 2020 by Thijs Peters    

If you are looking for a good way to hang up your bike, look no further. A Stasdock is what you need! With a Stasdock you don't just hang your road bike safely on the wall. It also makes it easy to store accessories. One of the many things that makes this compact bike suspension system unique and fantastic. And it's not only handy, it also looks modern and stylish. The Stasdock is made of strong steel and finished with a high quality, hard coating. It is available in different colours so you can match it with your living room, barn or maybe bedroom? So you'll never have to go to bed without your bike!

Quick and easy to assemble

It's Wednesday afternoon, 3:30. My homework day is almost over when all of a sudden the doorbell rings. There is another friendly employee of Post NL at the door with a big white box. On the box it says in black "Stasdock". My bike suspension system is inside! When ordering on the website you can choose from three colours, namely "Happy Black", "Deep Silver" and "Dark Gold". Of course you choose which one suits you best. But of course you can also match it with the bedroom, kitchen, barn or of course with the colors of your bike. Anyway, I'll quickly open the box to admire it. What immediately strikes me is that the Stasdock is well packed to prevent damage. The box contains two parts that together form the Stasdock, a clear manual, the necessary plugs and screws, and something very handy! A template so you can easily drill the holes in the right place!

Modern, stylish and very handy!

Of course I'll get to work right away. Take everything into the shed and drill. After drilling the four holes, it actually goes pretty fast. The screws in the wall, tighten everything neatly and the Stasdock against it. And then I immediately see that it is a very handy storage system. I hang my bike on the durable foam and put my helmet on top. Sunglasses in the middle and also the shoes. If necessary, you can lock the bike, there are two handy holes through which the lock fits. And as it turns out, I suddenly have a lot more space in my not so big shed anyway. Girlfriend happy again! And not only do I free up space, the Stasdock also looks very modern and stylish. My racing bike is of course my pearl. I never say it but I love my racing bike. It gives me a few hours of relaxation a week, shows me the surroundings and is my hobby. Then it's really nice if he hangs neatly on the wall in a beautiful bike suspension system from Stasdock, isn't it? You want this too, you can't help it. Another nice touch. You can work on your bike while it hangs stable at a fine height.